We Offer the Following Services


Project Management


Cost Estimation (CAPEX and OPEX), Programming, Project Administration, Team Building and Management, Progress Reporting, Leadership, Payment Management, Insurance Management,

Claim Management, Preparation of Quality and Assurance Documents.



Initial Site Appraisal, Site Layout and Visualization, Site Access Appraisal, Production Estimation, Statury Consultees Liaison and Consents Negotiations.


NEW: Risk Assessment using stochastic Monte Carlo simulation using @RISK

NEW: Foundation Conceptual Development using Finite Element Analysis.

Software: STAAD-Pro and STAAD-Offshore


Due Diligence / Second Opinion


Site Appraisal, Site Layout and Visualization, Site Access Appraisal, Production Estimation, Statutory Consultees Liaison, Consents Negotiations, Cost Appraisal, Technology Appraisal, Financial Appraisal, Contracts and Consents Review, Construction Assessments, Insurance (CAR and Operation), Asset Validation and Owner's and Bank's Engineer.

Health & Safety Management


Notification of Project, Prepare and implement HS business policies and procedures, Duties of Client's Agent, Assessment of competence and resources of Designers and Contractors, Safety Management and Emergency Plans and procedures.

Procurement Management


Prequalification of Designers, Fabricators and Contractors, Preparation of Enquiry Documents

Bid Evaluation, Contract Negotiation, Preparation of Contracts, Fabrication Quality Control and

Quality Audit.



Specification of Site Investigations, Design of Foundations, Transformer Modules, Scour Protection, J-tubes, Preparation of Design Specifications, Fabrication Specifications, Inspection Specifications, Design Risk Assessment, Certification Liaison, General Finite Element Analysis of Offshore Structures.



Marine Construction Management, Preparation of Construction Method Statement, Preparation of Construction Risk Assessment, Preparation of Emergency Response Plans, Construction Quality Control, Quality Audit, Preparation of Safety File, Preparation of Operation Maintenance Manual

and Preparation of Decommissioning Method Statement.

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